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harvested by hand: the seaweed bath co.

October 10, 2016

fresh philosophie: the seaweed bath co.

i’m going to start this review off with a confession: i don’t love lotion. i only ever get dry skin in the dead of winter, and i really don’t like the greasy feel of most traditional moisturizers. not so with the seaweed bath co.’s body cream. i found this beachy little bottle sitting up on a shelf in my local lassen’s and had to take a look. i read the label on the back, (all naturally-derived ingredients, no animal testing, ethically made in america), and was convinced i had to try it. i went with the unscented version for my first try, and i was happy to find it has a truly neutral smell. (they also have a few other heavenly scents made from essential oils- next time i think i’ll go for eucalyptus + peppermint.) i was even happier to discover that this body cream isn’t greasy at all. it’s creamy, and very quickly absorbed. my skin felt soft and moisturized, but also dry to the touch. i love that i can put it on and not have to worry about waiting for it to dry! it might sound obvious, but these seaweed products are different from regular lotions, because while many big brand lotions are meant to just make your skin feel softer while you have it on, these products are developed to actually help condition and moisturize your skin longer term by delivering good-for-you ingredients your skin can actually use to improve itself.

in fact, the seaweed bath co. got started when founder adam finally discovered a way of alleviating his severe psoriasis– bladderwrack seaweed! this seaweed boasts a veritable laundry list of benefits, including over 65 vitamins, minerals, + amino acids, which help reduce irritation, increase skin hydration, and condition hair (our ingredients). the seaweed is all sustainably harvested by hand off the coast of maine, and cut in a way that allows the remainder of the seaweed plant to continue growing. their seaweed is then sun-dried (hooray for energy-reducing measures!), and then incorporated into all of their products, which are made in the united states. they also make sure to never use artificial dyes, fragrances, or colors, parabens, or sodium lauryl sulfate. maybe the best part about the seaweed bath co. products is that, because they were developed with the original intent to help alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis, they’re incredibly gentle by design, and great for people with sensitive skin!

the seaweed bath co. is also leaping bunny approved, which means that neither the ingredients nor the final product itself have been tested on animals. while some products do contain animal-derived ingredients, this body cream is 100% vegan.

if you have highly sensitive skin, or just love the idea of an effective all-natural moisturizer with no yucky stuff, i highly recommend the seaweed bath co.’s moisturizing body cream! you can buy their products through their website, or in your local sprouts or whole foods.

fresh philosophie: the seaweed bath co.fresh philosophie: the seaweed bath co.

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