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lush gush + my favorite lip scrub for beating fall dry-out

September 27, 2016

fresh philosophie: lush mint julips lip scrub

fall rolled in fast here in southern california! while i’ve definitely noticed that every morning is darker than the last, this season still seems to have happened almost over night. don’t get me wrong- it’s still hot as hades here (99°f today), but the leaves are dropping and the wind has picked up with a vengeance! tell tale signs of autumn in california. another fun part of fall here, (and probably everywhere else, too): every little drop of moisture seems to evaporate right out of the air. and my lips + skin, too. thankfully, my lovely friend introduced me to lush’s lip scrub a few valentine’s days ago, (she’s incredibly generous + thoughtful), and i’ve kept a jar in my medicine cabinet ever since! my favorite flavor is the lush mint julips lip scrub, although the bubblegum also smells wonderful!* the sugar provides a nice gentle scrub, and the jojoba oil helps lock in moisture. plus, it smells and tastes amazing! since the scrub is made from castor sugar to buff, it’s okay to lick the excess off. the main ingredients are sugar, organic jojoba oil, and vanilla extract. my kind of product! it’s super easy to use, lasts about year before they recommend discarding it, and is made of all natural ingredients, which i love. if you’re looking for a little lip love this fall, i highly recommend this hydrating sugar scrub. overall, this product is one of my favorites for the drier weather!

[*my small issue w/ the bubblegum flavor has been the red 21 lake dye, but a quick check on ewg’s skin deep revealed the dye to be relatively safe to use; however, i haven’t been able to find any more information about this online… if you know anything else about lake dyes, please let us know!]

fresh philosophie: lush mint julips lip scrubfresh philosophie: lush mint julips lip scrub

lush rocks for so many reasons! i can’t gush enough about how much i love what lush is doing for the cruelty-free personal products industry. i love that they proudly display their “fighting animal cruelty” logo all over the place: on their products, their websites, and in the windows of their brick-and-mortar stores. all of their products are 100% vegetarian, with over 80% being completely vegan. they never test on animals, nor do they buy ingredients that have been tested on animals. as their products are developed in-house by their own chemists, they have complete control over what ingredients they use and where those ingredients come from. all products are tested on human volunteers, who help the product developers by giving them valuable feedback and insight as to how the product felt and worked.

not only do they source only cruelty-free products, but they also actively fight against animal testing, by campaigning against laws that require it, and promoting research that looks for ways to test products without the cruel practice of harming animals. they do this by putting their money where their mouth is- every year they award a total of £250,000 (over $324,00 usd) to people and organizations worldwide that are working towards developing alternate ways of testing the safety of medicines and cosmetics. this is the biggest prize of its kind. the lush prize is offered in the hopes of speeding up animal-free testing methods because an estimated 100 million animals are killed in research laboratories each year, and that’s an absurd, inhumane, and largely unnecessary measure, especially since animal testing is not legally required for cosmetic or household products in many countries, including the united states.

lush also makes an effort to increase their sustainability. for many companies, packaging is the most wasteful part of their production process. lush mindfully minimizes their packaging needs by getting rid of it altogether for every product they possibly can. they sell their bath bombs, shampoo + conditioner bars, soaps, and many other products completely “naked” to cut back on waste. instead of offering traditional paper gift wrapping, they now offer knot-wraps, which utilize beautiful fabrics (made either from organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles) that can be reused to wrap other gifts. for items that need packaging, they source only “recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable materials, like [their] post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and biodegradable bags” (naked).

lush also has a program specifically to promote the sustainability of the ingredients they source, called the “slush fund” (slush = sustainable lush). they put 2% of the money they spend on raw ingredients and packaging right back into their fund, which is used to start sustainable farming and community projects in the areas where they source ingredients. they focus on permaculture methods, which are much better for the local environments and promote healthier soil. to date, the slush fund has supported over 40 projects in 21 countries.

lush is also commited to ethically sourcing all of their ingredients. all of their products are made by hand by lush employees, and most sport a sticker on the bottom with the name and picture of the person who created your batch of product. and if that’s not awesome enough, even the reclaimed wooden furniture in their north american shops is made by hand in their very own woodworking shops.

lush also does wonderful things in order to support social justice. in addition to all of the volunteer efforts their employees do, their annual lush prize, and the slush fund, they have also donated over $11,000,000 to various organizations since 2007 through the sale of charity pot, one of their moisturizing lotions. lush donates 100% of the price of the product (minus taxes) to small grassroots charities that are working to better our world. charity pot lotion even includes seven ingredients that are sourced directly from slush fund projects, coming full circle to bolster all of their social initiatives. lush doesn’t just give back, they get down + dirty to help communities develop new + better methods of farming, natural resource management, and animal-free testing. i love it, i love it, i love it.

while i’m sure lush is not a new find for many readers, (after all, they have stores in 46 countries!), i myself had no idea that lush is so much more than just a company who refuses to test on animals. after researching more, i’m incredibly impressed with their commitment to justice, whether it’s by promoting human rights here + abroad, investing in better agricultural systems where they source their ingredients, or actively fighting tooth + nail against animal cruelty.

so, if you’re looking for a lip scrub this fall, (or new lotion, solid perfume, henna hair dye, bath bombs, the list goes on + on), i recommend taking a look at lush’s extensive line of products first, because not only are they largely made with high-quality ingredients, but your money doesn’t just go into the company’s pockets- it gets pushed on towards larger projects that anyone should be proud to support.

p.s. this is totally not a sponsored post; i just love lush’s products + ethics and want to share with all of you!

xo, t


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