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schmidt’s deodorant

May 26, 2016

fresh philosophie | schmidt's deodorant is a great natural deodorant option! it's ethically-made, sustainably-produced, and completely cruelty-free! also, it totally works great.

deodorant can be a very personal product! smelling is not something that’s high on my list of favorite things to do, which i imagine is true for most people. there’s also not a lot of leeway with a product like deodorant- it either works, or it doesn’t. there’s an impulse, then, to stick with what we know works, even if it’s not necessarily very good for us. i understand the hesitancy. i’ve been using the same unscented antiperspirant for a couple of years at least, but finally decided to start shopping around for a good (read: effective!) aluminum-free deodorant. i tried a few natural products that didn’t work very well. one was great for the first few days, but then stopped working and left a weird residue. one was flat-out terrible right from the start. lucky for me, my search ended when i stumbled upon schmidt’s deodorants for sale in my local lassen’s.

i had been hearing only good things about schmidt’s deodorant, and i will say right now, they are all true. the four scents are amazing, (like calendula + ylang ylang, or cedarwood + juniper), and i was surprised by how nice the texture on the stick deodorant was. some other solid deodorants are more gel-like and can leave your underarms wet. schmidt’s stick is dry like a more traditional antiperspirant, and goes only smoothly. i’ve been using schmidt’s for about a month now in the southern california heat, and so far it’s held up all day. the two days that it was really hot i did sweat a bit, (remember- it’s deodorant, not antiperspirant), but even with the sweat i didn’t smell at all, and i was impressed with how well the deodorant managed the moisture.

even beside the awesome performance, schmidt’s deodorant has a lot of great things going for it. schmidt’s is made in portland, oregon, and is full of only good stuff. the ingredients lists are short, sweet, and completely vegan. all products are 100% free of aluminum, propylene-glycol, phtalates, parabens, and artificial fragrance! their line includes a classic stick deodorant, a sensitive skin formula (made with magnesium instead of baking soda, which can irritate sensitive skin), and a line of deodorant that comes in glass jars.

all of schmidt’s packaging (plastic and glass) are 100% recyclable. they even have a recycling program they’re trying out- for every five empty glass jars you send in, they’ll send you back a free deo! the glass jars will then be sanitized and reused to package more deodorant, cutting back on waste and resources.

schmidt’s is also committed to helping end animal testing in cosmetics. their products are all certified by the coalition for consumer information on cosmetics (the organization that uses the leaping bunny logo), and they have partnered with the humane society of the united states to aid in their efforts to eradicate animal testing in america.

overall, i’m extremely happy with my schmidt’s deodorant. it’s made responsibly, completely cruelty-free, and performs just as well as my old antiperspirant, without all the aluminum and synthetic chemical nasty stuff. i put it on in the morning and then totally forget about it for the rest of the day, which is probably the best compliment that could be said about a deodorant. it’s awesome, it’s easy, and it’s a great product i am happy to buy. if you’re looking to replace your old antiperspirant, i highly recommend you shop schmidt’s deodorants.

so what about it? would you switch to a natural deodorant? or do you already have a favorite? leave a comment and let us know!

xo, tphotos by tayler morrissey

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  • Reply Jamie Locke December 3, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Schmidts is good but my husband won’t wear it because it’s to “girly”. We just got him Uncle Jack’s all natural deodorant and he loves it. It’s sold on amazon

    • Reply tayler morrissey December 4, 2016 at 4:48 pm

      schmidt’s does have a nice cedarwood + juniper scent, but yes, the rest tend to be quite feminine! i haven’t heard of uncle jack’s- i will have to give it a try! or have my bf give it a try ;)! thanks for the tip, jamie!

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