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  • fresh philosophie | super easy veggie sushi
    food + nutrition

    super easy veggie sushi

    sushi is a beautiful & special dish, but it’s also deceptively easy to make! lay down your rice, line up your veggies, roll, cut, & repeat. doesn’t get much easier, or much tastier! SUPER…

    May 15, 2016
  • vietnamese spring rolls + peanut sauce
    food + nutrition

    vietnamese spring rolls + peanut sauce

    i adore spring.  for me, spring always feels like a new love. nothing ever feels as revitalizing and surprising as those first moments of warmth and growth, the feeling of new possibility as if…

    March 31, 2016
  • no-turkey thanksgiving (30 vegan meals)
    food + nutrition

    no-turkey thanksgiving! (30 vegan recipes)

    let’s be honest–  thanksgiving has never been about the turkey. the best dishes are always the sides. (mashed potatoes, anyone?) and the pie. definitely the pie too. this year, spare a poor turkey, (and…

    November 20, 2015