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valentine’s day goodies! (20 vegan recipes)

February 12, 2016


vegan valentine's day recipesvalentine’s day is a day for celebrating the love we hold for others. while i’ll be the first to admit that this holiday is vastly over-commercialized, (just like almost every other holiday), i still see the value in having a day set aside to help remind us how lucky we are to have such special, kind, and loving people surrounding us (including ourselves). love has never been about the jewelry, the roses, or the cards, (although all of those things can be nice), but rather the appreciation of just how much certain people mean to us and how much better off we are having them in our lives. and what better way to say “i appreciate you” than sharing some delicious home-made vegan sweets baked with love? it’s a small gesture that will mean so much to your recipient, because it’s a gift of one of your most precious possessions ever, your time. so whether you’re into gifts or not, expensive dinners or not, silver-plated cuff links or not, these 20 vegan valentine’s day goodies are perfect to make for (or with!) anyone you love.




let us know if you try anything and how it turned out!

p.s.- how’s the loving kindness going for this week? noticing any patterns of negative thought? is it hard to remember to monitor yourself, or is it getting any easier? for myself, i’ve found out that once i notice a particularly undermining thought or attitude, it’s pretty easy to take a deep breath, and let it go. even if i’m still not happy with what’s happening, i’ve been able to at least stop being so upset about it. but i’ve been practicing. how’s it going for you?

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