vegan eggs, non-toxic dyes, + other easter fun!

March 22, 2016

easter bunny fun

think you can’t take part in easter because of all the chicken eggs floating around? think again! from vegan eggs, to toxic-free dye kits, cruelty-free candies, and recyclable easter grass, there are tons of great options to let you and the little ones in your life take part in easter activities! here are some of the best products i’ve found that help you and your loved ones have a fun and thoughtful easter!


  • american toy boutique : these wooden eggs are made in the u.s.a. and are awesome for dyeing and reusing all year round. they also have a flat bottom so they can be stood upright to display.
  • camden rose : these unfinished birch eggs are made in the u.s. and come in a recyclable egg container. great for dyeing or painting.
  • eggnots : eggnots are ceramic, dyeable eggs made in the united states. because they are ceramic, these “eggs” look and feel like the real thing. they also sell hanging hardware so the eggs can be hung and displayed.
  • eco eggs : if you just really, really need to have plastic eggs that open up to hold prizes and sweets, these are the best. the plastic is made from plants, not petroleum, so they are 100% reusable and 100% compostable. they are bpa-free and non-toxic. they are also made from renewal resources in the u.s.a. so you know they’ve been made ethically.


  • natural easter egg decorating colors : the natural candy store also offers a set of six plant-based food colors that are perfect for dyeing. the colors are all made in the u.s.
  • veggie egg dyeing kit : wee can too offers a line of art supplies specifically designed to be safe for babies and toddlers. their veggie egg dyeing kit is made with fruit and vegetable powdered tablets. the kit also comes with a veggie crayon for dye-resistant decorating. the kit is made in the u.s.a.
  • natural egg dye kit : this dye kit contains gluten-free and vegan plant-based dyes. natural earth paint manufactures their paints in the u.s. and uses 100% post-consumer recycled packaging.
  • children’s earth paint kit : the children’s earth paint kit is also offered by natural earth paint. (head’s up- any kits labeled as ‘original’ paint kits will have non-vegan milk-based dyes. stick to the children’s paint kit or the international children’s paint kit.) all packaging is biodegradable and 100% post-consumer recycled.
  • eco-egg coloring kit : this egg coloring kit is made with organic vegetable and plant dyes. this kit even comes with grass seeds and coconut husks so kids can grow their own grass to display their eggs! eco-kids is a family-run company that emphasizes safe and natural play products for kids. their products are sourced from american companies.
  • eco-finger paint: also made from eco-kids, these finger paints are made from natural ingredients including plant, fruit, and vegetable pigments.
  • easter egg coloring kit : colorkitchen is a small business based in oregon. they offer powdered plant-based food colors, including an egg dyeing kit. all food dyes are free of artificial colors and flavors.
  • naturally dyed wooden eggs via the merrythought: looking for a good how to? this post not only goes through how to dye wooden eggs, but also provides some real-food recipes for natural dyes.


  • natural candy store : all candy at the natural candy store is free of artificial dyes, colors and sweeteners, as well as preservatives, and hydrogenated oils. they offer lots of vegan candy as well as vegan food dye!
  • surf sweets : surf sweets offers the holy grail of vegan candy- gummies! all candy is made in the u.s.a. and is free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and corn syrup. they are also allergy-friendly, as they all are free of the top ten most common food allergens.
  • lake champlain chocolates : based in vermont, this chocolate company offers vegan chocolate in distinctly easter shapes of bunnies and carrots, along with various barks, bars, and chocolate dipped apricots.


  • ecograss recyclable easter grass : ecograss is not petroleum-based like most other easter grasses. ecograss is made out of 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and is completely reusable or recyclable.
  • while traditional baskets are usually very hardy and totally reusable, sometimes the wicker baskets just end up collecting dust or getting thrown out. other options for kids include placing grass and goodies inside personalized fabric tote bags, backpacks, or even buckets that kids might love to reuse in daily life.

have a wonderful easter!

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