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with love from california: p.f. candle co.

November 10, 2016

fresh philosophie: p.f. candle co.fresh philosophie: p.f. candle co.

i’m super excited to start this new series here on the blog: “with love from california.” i’ve lived in southern california for almost all of my life, and have grown up soaking in the sunshine and playing in all its beautifully diverse landscapes, from deserts + beaches, to mountains + cities. california is a such a gorgeous state, full of different cultures that usually seem to find space for one another. it’s not perfect, but i love the openness + interest that many people here show. there are lots of amazing brands + companies doing good stuff in california, and i hope to share some with you through this series.

our first company making awesome california stuff is p.f. candle co. p.f. candles was started by kristen pumphrey in 2008. now she and her husband, thomas neuberger, run a small team of people who work to produce all of their candles completely by hand in los angeles: they’re hand poured, packaged, and shipped out. the candles are packaged in apothecary-inspired brown glass jars, which are completely recyclable, or even better, reusable! they’re super cute and even come with a lid. they’re great for holding pens, or planting succulents.

the candles are made from 100% soy wax, which is just cooled hydrogenated oil extracted from soy beans. soy wax is non-toxic, and burns much cleaner than petroleum-based paraffin, which releases carcinogenic chemicals like benzene + toluene. soy is also a renewable resource, and completely vegan. these candles are also made with cotton wicks. (many candles are made with metal or lead wicks which release toxins when burned, which means that as they burn you’re filling up your room with toxic smoke!) cotton is a obviously much better, safer option.

what really recommends p.f. candles as a great choice though, is simply the amazing scents! oh, the smells are amaaaaaaazing. i’ve had a chance to smell many of them in urban outfitters, and they are all wonderful. p.f. candles has a variety of scents, including sweet grapefruit, amber + moss, patchouli sweetgrass, and nightshade. (they also have some seasonal scents right now including orange cardamom, spruce, and francincense + oud). even the straight-forward scents are richer and more complicated than they seem initially. the scents are achieved using phthalate-free fragrance oils. they’re not as overwhelmingly smelly as traditional paraffin candles, which for me is great.

i highly recommend p.f. candles if you’re looking for a non-toxic and great smelling candle! plus, they look awfully chic around the house, and would be great as small gifts or even stocking stuffers! they come in three sizes, ranging from the smallest size shown here, to a larger double-wick candle, but don’t worry- all of them come in the awesome brown glass jars. you can shop candles in their online store. (p.s. don’t forget to check out their collaboration scents!)

fresh philosophie: p.f. candle co.

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